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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The big debate

Okay, so here's the deal. I haven't posted much because I'm still not sure what this blog is really for. I sort of want to remain completely anonymous, but at the same time, I really enjoy reading what goes on in the lives of my friends. While my life isn't all that exciting or interesting, maybe my friends might like to read about me? I don't know. I think this probably means I'm going to start incorporating more of my life into my blog. But, of course, I can't ignore my weird news articles or stupid criminal stories. I live for that stuff!

Meanwhile, I can't go to bed yet (I'll get to the reason why shortly), so I'll put some thoughts down for now.

So, I seriously like the ship in this picture, but it just seems so wrong to have the telephone wires in the background. Destroys the image of feeling like you're back in the good ol' days of the pirates (I must state now that Somali pirates? Bad, bad, bad. Don't like them. Does that make me a hypocrite? I don't care.)

So, it's 12:30, and I can't go to bed. Why? Because I have to wait for the dryer to finish its cycle. Seems like I do that waaaaay too often. I'm really good at doing laundry during the day, but then comes grub time and time with the buckaneers and I forget that I have things that have to be dried before the day is over. So I'm stuck waiting for a red load to dry. But at least I will have a nice and warm, clean, fuzzy blanket that smells like dryer sheets to snuggle up with tonight. Nothing better than the smell of clean bedding!

What else? Pirate Dog and Pirate Puppy are dreaming at the same time. I think Pirate Dog is chasing rabbits in his sleep because his legs are moving really fast. Pirate Puppy is growling, so he must be dreaming of other dogs outside or maybe someone's walking cane. He seems to have issues with canes. Not fun when you don't know that and have just finished telling someone what a friendly dog he is!

Other than that, I must say that even pirates are prone to mosquito bites. Must mean I'm spending too much time on shore. But, let me tell you, my tan looks fantastic!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Police in south-central [State] say a drunken driver who was speeding in a police station parking lot and stopped his car between two marked cruisers so he could take a nap has been arrested. [City] police Chief [Name] said the 37-year-old man caught the attention of an officer Sunday night.

He said the officer saw the man park in a space reserved for police cars, turn off his headlights, recline his seat and close his eyes.

He said when the officer approached the car to check on the man he saw an empty vodka bottle on the floor and found a pipe with traces of marijuana.

The man has been charged with driving under the influence and possessing drug paraphernalia.

Oh how I loooove dumb criminals!!! So, you've just polished off a bottle of vodka and have smoked a bowl or two. Sounds like a great time to go for a cruise! Where better than the parking lot of your friendly neighborhood police department! After driving around for a while, you get a little sleepy. Okay, so just pull into a parking space and take a little nap. Never mind that the parking space with a big "Reserved for Police Department". That just means "please snooze here"! And all those red and blue lights on the neighboring cars? Night lights! So, sleep peacefully, little drunk. When you wake up, you'll have a chance for a nice, long rest in a jail cell.