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Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Police in south-central [State] say a drunken driver who was speeding in a police station parking lot and stopped his car between two marked cruisers so he could take a nap has been arrested. [City] police Chief [Name] said the 37-year-old man caught the attention of an officer Sunday night.

He said the officer saw the man park in a space reserved for police cars, turn off his headlights, recline his seat and close his eyes.

He said when the officer approached the car to check on the man he saw an empty vodka bottle on the floor and found a pipe with traces of marijuana.

The man has been charged with driving under the influence and possessing drug paraphernalia.

Oh how I loooove dumb criminals!!! So, you've just polished off a bottle of vodka and have smoked a bowl or two. Sounds like a great time to go for a cruise! Where better than the parking lot of your friendly neighborhood police department! After driving around for a while, you get a little sleepy. Okay, so just pull into a parking space and take a little nap. Never mind that the parking space with a big "Reserved for Police Department". That just means "please snooze here"! And all those red and blue lights on the neighboring cars? Night lights! So, sleep peacefully, little drunk. When you wake up, you'll have a chance for a nice, long rest in a jail cell.