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Friday, April 22, 2011

Pirate Munchkin is 7!!

We had talked a little about what to do for her birthday this year. Last year, we had a huge party at a big activity center and I spent hours and hours and hours working on the cupcakes.

I wanted to do something smaller this year, but still something that she would find a lot of fun. I suggested a sleep-over, and she was thrilled.

We had it last weekend. She invited three of her closest friends. Two of them weren't going to be able to spend the night, but they were all able to come!

I planned lots of projects to keep them busy (thank you to all my online friends who gave me suggestions!) We made homemade pizzas, painted flower pots (that I'll get around to planting with flower seeds and delivering one of these days), and had a yarn maze they had to follow to get prizes. We had rented a movie, but the girls opted to skip the movie in order to play dress up and hide-and-go-seek. And then there were the standard cake (in this case, a small cake and cupcakes to go with it) and presents.

They had a blast, and it was declared "Best Birthday Party Ever" on several occasions.

I know. I rock.

Very little sleeping was actually done overnight (no surprises there), and the morning brought pancakes and more playing.

Her actual birthday passed much calmer. But there were still plenty of goodies. Brownies for the class at school, more cupcakes for us, and more presents.

She was pretty well spoiled this year.

She deserves it.


B. said...

I'm glad she had so much fun, and you survived!

It's my turn in a week. Thank goodness no sleepover, but his first party ever with friends. I'm already nervous. :-)

MTGrace said...

You'll do great. You gave yourself a nice short time-frame as the first party. I can't wait to hear how it goes!