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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Of course...

In the process of cleaning the dining room, I came across a pile of old catalogs that were on Surfer Pirate's desk.

One of them was a seed catalog I got last spring.

I started flipping through it, dreaming about the garden I'm going to plant this year.

I could almost see all those little seedlings sprouting out of the gorgeous dark soil we have here.

I could almost taste the vegetables I'm going to grow and smell the flowers that I'll plant.

I went online to order a new catalog from the same company, and searched for several other catalogs to order.

Perennials, roses, all different kinds of vegetables - even unique and rare ones.

I was SO excited for the coming of spring and the chance to get started planting.

And then I found out we're supposed to get a really nasty blizzard this weekend.


All the pictures on this post came from Gurneys Seed & Nursery Company.


B. said...

You didn't think moving so far north would change the fact that we almost ALWAYS have nasty weather near our birthdays, did you? Lol!