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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Exciting Stuff

So on the topic of changes of pirate names for the kids, I've come to a final decision:

Pirate Munchkin will now be known as Pirate Maiden.

Pirate Baby will now be known as Pirate Mister.

...that is all.  You may now return to your regularly scheduled life.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Cute Speak

This picture has nothing to do with my post.  It's just cute.

I've been meaning to make a list of the cute ways Pirate Baby says things, but I wasn't sure where to put it.  But then I just realized if I put it on my blog, other people can see it and I can always find it.  I've been adding to it here and there for several weeks now and decided it was probably time I posted it.  I make no promises that I won't be adding to it later.

"Too-tines" - Saltine crackers

"Doggy-saur" - Dinosaur - Although now that he has mastered the word "dragon," this has now morphed into "Dragon-saur"

"Baw-kiss" - Box

"Bammage" or "Bammaid" - Bandaid

"Scratch-you" - kitty scratch - as in "Did the kitty scratch you?"  He'll get scratched, then come to show me.  He'll point at it and say "Scratch-you."

*Lots of "scratch-yous" have been covered by "bammages" these days.*

"Mee-mo" - Nemo

Pirate Baby likes to pretend to cook.  He'll get pans and lids and utensils out and start "cooking" on the floor in the kitchen.  I always ask him what he's making.  Usually, it's the kinds of things I make.  But one night, he said he was making cream sauce.  I asked him what the cream sauce was for, and he said "doggy-saur."  So apparently that night, my son made dinosaur with cream sauce.  Sounds tasty!

One of his favorite books is this one:

Or rather, "Gah-Go-Gah-Go," as it is more commonly known at our house.

Pirate Baby and I have different things we do for most of the pages in the book, but these pages in particular are fun for his interesting words.

He likes to point out the colors on the traffic light.  Red and Black.

On this page, the colors are Black and, of course, "Green-ahead".  Because what else would it be?

I've been thinking it's time to change my kids' names on my blog.  Pirate Munchkin is almost 10, and she's much too tall (and grown up - YIKES!) to be considered a "Munchkin" anymore.  And now that he's 3, Pirate Baby isn't a baby anymore.  {holding back tears}  I need to start thinking up new names for them, but in staying with the pirate theme.  Any suggestions?  Keep in mind, my husband is Surfer Pirate, and while I don't talk about myself in the 3rd person, my name here is actually The Pirate Queen (and yes, the "The" is important).


"Boom-Boom" - gun - after playing with all the Nerf guns at his cousins' house, he's developed this new term.

"Water Botter" - water bottle

"Teeny-Tiny?" - a request for a bite of whatever you're eating - a teeny-tiny bite!

"I can't want it" - I don't want it.

"Snoo Snacks" - fruit snacks

"What's that sound like?" - What's that sound?