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Friday, May 15, 2009

People with too much money

A pilot who landed his four-seat airplane on an [state] golf course so his 14-year-old son wouldn't be late for a tennis lesson has been sentenced to 18 months of court supervision.

[place where people with too much money live] resident [man with too much money] pleaded guilty Wednesday to criminal trespass and disorderly conduct. [p.w.p.w.t.m.m.l. judge's name] also ordered the 66-year-old to pay a $500 fine and perform 60 hours of community service.

No one was injured in March 2008 when [m.w.t.m.m.] landed on a golf course in [p.w.p.w.t.m.m.l.]without permission. Police stopped [m.w.t.m.m.] and his son as they were walking to a nearby tennis club.

[judge] told [m.w.t.m.m.] to stay away from the golf course. [m.w.t.m.m.] is still subject to any action by the Federal Aviation Administration.

Okay, SERIOUSLY???? I already have a bit of a prejudice against golf courses and their members due to something that happened with my family years ago, but that's a whole other story. I realize that not everyone who are members of golf courses are spoiled rotten, but this is one of those cases of the people I can't stand. Your poor precious little boy is going to be late for his golf lesson?? Oh, that's horrible! CERTAINLY, you may take matters into your own hands by flying your precious son to his lesson in your modest little plane. Does this guy have a landing strip in his back yard as well? Otherwise, he probably had to drive to whatever little airport where he stores his plane, and in that case, couldn't he have just driven to the golf course like a normal human being? And what does he plan to do if his son is late for school? Land a helicopter on the roof of the school?? Probably.

Some people should just not be allowed to have money. They should just give it to me.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Be afraid! Be VERY afraid!

NORTH EAST, Pa. (AP) -- Police in northwestern Pennsylvania say a burglar took some jellybeans from a home - but nothing else. Police said Thursday that they are stumped by the burglary in North East Township. Sgt. Mark Zaleski said it remains unclear whether the suspect wanted only jellybeans. Or maybe that's all the thief had time to grab.

Police said the burglar broke a front door window Friday night and took the jellybeans from a dining room table. The homeowner reported that nothing else was missing or even moved.

I see a potential sling of serial burglaries. The Sweet Tooth Bandit. He breaks into your home and steals your tasty snacks! Everyone lock up your valuable candies, cakes and cookies!!! NO ONE IS SAFE!!!