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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Pirate Family Remodel

We've had some major changes to our little pirate family of cats.

Calico Jackia decided she was done sharing Kitty Queendom with Black Beardette. The war was on! Battles ensued every day. The girl kitties had to be separated to keep them from flogging each other. But it was a miserable existance. The tough decision was made to find Calico Jackia a new ship. It was hard because she was a part of the crew for so long.

Months passed, and Black Beardette had a chance to sneak out of the house and get a taste of the outside world. That was it. She was hooked. She decided to break consort and find her own way in the world. When the pirate dogs were let out, she escaped and never looked back.

With Christmas coming and Pirate Munchkin doing so well in Kindergarten, we decided to get her a new cat. So, our family got a new baby. The new as-yet-un-pirate-named kitten has been a great addition to our family. He thinks I'm his own personal chew toy, but will go limp and sleepy as soon as Pirate Munchkin picks him up.