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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Our Adventure

First off, I have to give credit to where I found this beautiful picture. It came from this blog. The pictures on that posting were so beautiful, I had to read what she wrote about them. I suggest you go read it and see what wonderful things she has to say about my new home.

Our little family is moving to North Dakota.

We're going to where I think I'll call Northern Middle of Nowhere, North Dakota. :) The nearest small city is 2 hours away, we'll be surrounded by prairie and stars and quiet.

Sounds like heaven!

Surfer Pirate has a good friend who lives out there, and he's been after us to move near him. His persistence has resulted in a good job, and a chance to move out to a small town where cost of living is much lower and the pace of life is much slower. We're pretty excited!

I've heard the winters are super, super cold. In general, that would bother me a lot. But it occurred to me a few days ago (and I made a phone call to confirm) that we will be able to see the Northern Lights from our new town. So that sort of makes up for the cold. I dream of Aurora Borealis, and I literally cried when I heard the confirmation that I would be able to finally see it in person!

Plus, being so far from "civilization" the stars are going to be extra bright and plentiful without city lights to dull them!

I did however, make the mistake of posting my excitement on facebook a little too soon. I realized this morning that I have two of the ex's family as "friends" on there, and I'm not quite ready to announce the move to him yet. Oops. So, I pulled the whole thread on there. So, if you're one of my fb friends and wonder where the announcement went, that's why it's gone.

Meanwhile, we won't be making the full move until probably mid-August, so I have plenty of time to rid our house of unwanted junk that we don't want to move, and I'll be able to pack in the uber-meticulous manner that I would like to. Thanks Mom, for the article with advice like "make a spreadsheet of what items are in each box so you know exactly where everything is"! I'll definitely use that!

And thanks to my beloved internet, we'll all still be in contact just as much as we were here. Although if I'm more quiet than usual over the next few months, you'll know that I'm just burried in boxes and I'll be back soon.


leannewitney said...

Can I just say how JEALOUS I am of where you are moving to? (in a good way, of course) I dream of one day owning a whole lot of land and having animals or whatever else we'd want. Right now we share a driveway with our neighbors and I hate it. But we stay here since this is where the Lord wants us to be and b/c the market sucks and we are upside down in our house. sigh.

I hope that things go well this summer with packing and moving. How fun for you guys!

MTGrace said...

Yeah, we're pretty excited about this move!