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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Wow! Another Food Post!!

I have already mentioned my food issues lately.

So when I come across a food that makes me blissfully happy, I try to make sure I keep it on hand.

(Peanut butter, how I love thee!!)

Okay, seriously?? Has anyone else tried these pies??? As my sister would say, they are THE YUM!!

I picked these little babies up on a sale at my local grocery store for a dollar apiece. 4 minutes in the microwave for perfect peachy pie-ness. They come out gold and flaky and wonderful!! I have to eat them with a spoon so I make sure not to miss any of the sauce.

Maybe one day I'll get around to trying them with ice cream. But for now, when I pull one of these bundles of deliciousness out of the microwave I can't be bothered by things like getting the ice cream out of the freezer and grabbing the ice cream scoop. The peachiness calls to me!

Thankfully, I've discovered the regular price is only $1.09 at my little store.

So okay, Banquet people? You're more than welcome to pay me for this lovely commercial I've written for you. And I would totally be okay with you paying me in pie!


B. said...

I've seen these and have been so tempted, except I've never seen the peach, only mixed berry. And the mixed berry sounds great except for the cherries in it; I don't like cooked cherries AT ALL. I'll have to be on the look-out for the peach pies. :-)

MTGrace said...

The mixed berry (I think it's called cherry berry) was okay. But it's got nothing on the peach. I have an apple one in my freezer that I'll try one of these days.