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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Captain Kitty is Trying to Kill Me

Our house has a cool feature that's just perfect for a household with dogs who like to steal cat food. There is a ledge above our basement stairs that's a perfect place for cat food. It has a small walkway to get to it. With a baby gate in the doorway to the stairs, it's a fortress of doggy-proofness.

Except filling the cat food can be hazardous.

Especially with Captain Kitty's new habit.

The thing about the ledge is that it's on the far side of the stairs - so you have to go down several stairs to get to it. Captain Kitty thinks it's a good idea to be on the stairs when I fill their food. Directly in front of my feet.

I'd swear he's trying to trip me so I'll fall to my death and they can figure out how to raid the fridge.