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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

It's a Start

Hey! Some of that white stuff is gone!

It's been really nice the last few days. I even spent a little time on the front porch with Pirate Baby - soaking up some sunshine.

I sort of remember that long skinny stuff that was hiding under the white stuff. I think it's called grass.

It's not green yet, but it's not white either!

That's an improvement!

And for the record, I saw robins yesterday. Lots of them.


B. said...

Our snow melted and the robins and finches started coming back last month! Our neighbor's daffodils are blooming like crazy (and I wonder why the deer won't eat them, must be because they are too close to the house, or because they have a dog). I need to find a place in our fenced-in back yard to plant some bulb flowers this fall, I miss having crocuses and tulips in the Spring!

MTGrace said...

I'm waiting for crocus. I've been told they grow like weeds around here.