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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Missing In Action

I've been neglecting you, my dear readers. I'm very sorry. I have had my hands very, very full lately.

You see, Pirate Baby has had 4 teeth come in during a time span of 4 weeks. When that 4th tooth had just barely broken the surface, he also got a nasty little cold. He's been one miserable little boy.

One unhappy baby.

There's something about a child's scream that gets into your spine and turns it into mush.* I'm so exhausted lately from all the crying and screaming out of this (normally) cute little guy. I'm lucky I manage to get real clothes on during the day, let alone get anything done in my house and... I don't know... get a shower?

*Somewhere, there is a quote about that kind of thing. I swear it's from Bill Cosby Himself, but I can find it. If you know which quote I'm talking about, please find it for me. I'm losing my mind trying to figure it out. K'thanx.

I have managed some major accomplishments during that time (mopped my kitchen floor, and have baby-proofed my living room for our new crawler!), but not much else. We won't discuss the condition of my dining room or the looming pile of laundry in my bedroom. I'm afraid the dirty clothes are going to attack Surfer Pirate some morning when he's passing by them in the dark!

{alarm goes off}


shuffle, shuffle, shuffle



{muffled sounds}


*sorry. Like I said. I'm tired.

Anyway, so you'll have to bear (bare? Don't know which one is correct right now) with me if I'm sort of quiet these days. I'm fine, just a little worn out. Processing thoughts isn't really my best thing right now.


Jenni said...

The quote you are looking for begins about 47 seconds into this clip:

LOVE that skit!

MTGrace said...

Thank you Jenni!! That's the one!

Megan (Best of Fates) said...

Sounds like a harsh time - I hope it passes quickly!

Unknown said...

Love it! Love your baby! He's so cute!