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Monday, January 2, 2012

Is It Tomorrow Yet?

I was going to post a funny Lolcat picture, but it wasn't working. So enjoy this picture of the ever yummy Tony Gonzalez instead.

School starts back up tomorrow. Let me tell you, it can't come soon enough!

Pirate Munchkin got a Nintendo DS for Christmas, but I don't want her doing nothing but staring at a computer screen all day, so she's got a time limit on it. I also limit her TV watching for the same reason. The plan is in the afternoons, she is supposed to be reading or playing with the MANY toys, games, puzzles, etc in her room.

She's got plenty of options to choose from, but it seems like a big chunk of her day is spent asking me the same question over and over, and pointing out the obvious (over and over).

It gives me a big headache.

Add to it, the fact that I'm also pregnant. I hadn't planned on making a big announcement this early, but I just can't seem to avoid the subject lately. (If you're friends with me on facebook, please don't say anything on there. I'm not ready for THAT many people to know yet. I'm not going to be linking to this entry over there.)

When I am pregnant, I become super-testy and impatient. Especially with things like people who talk a lot, having to repeat myself, and people who point out the obvious all the time.

Which unfortunately for my daughter, means I'm annoyed with her a good part of the time.

I'm trying to be better about it this time. When I was pregnant with Pirate Baby, I was flat out mean to Pirate Munchkin. I was really stressed getting ready for our big move, plus Surfer Pirate was gone for a full month of that time, and I was pretty sick. I feel horrible about it, and I don't want her memories of this pregnancy to be like the last one. So I'm doing my best to keep my temper in check, letting her know when I need quiet or space, and just forcing myself to remember she's only 7. She's not trying to irritate me, she just wants love and attention.

The 12 days that she's been home for Christmas break have been a challenge. At least when she's at school, I have lots of quiet time (well, as quiet as it can be with a very "talkative" 1 year old) to rest up and prepare for the chatter that is to come. But when she's home all day, I can rarely escape it.

So I'm ready for school to start back up again. I need a break.


Druceal said...

Congrats!!!! So happy for you :)

B. said...

Enjoy your more peaceful day tomorrow. :-)

School starts tomorrow here too, although in my case I still would rather it were NOT starting. I SO wish I could afford to not work and then I could just home school...

B. said...

I had a dream last night that when I got on here to see if there was anything new from you, it turned out you had a TON of new blogs! It was like I had been on here in my dream the day before I was checking, but then suddenly I missed a whole month's worth of daily blogs or something. It was weird. I thought you might appreciate that I dreamed about you and your blog though. :-)

MTGrace said...

Yay for blog dreams!!

Thanks Druceal!