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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I'm the Queen...

The Queen of AWESOME, that is!!

I had a super productive day, and I kind of amazed myself. This morning, my mommy group met, so I didn't even get started until the afternoon. Add to that the fact that Surfer Pirate came home from work this morning with the flu. Usually, when he's home, I get nothing done.

We'd had a really long weekend, and I had slacked off most of the time. My house had gotten scary, and I just needed to push my sleeves up and tackle it. So I turned on some good music and went to work.

First, the living room. It wasn't too bad. Mostly just some clutter and a few dirty dishes. I straightened up the room, making it all sparkly and pretty.

Second, I tackled the dining room. This was an intimidating challenge. That room has been my dumping ground over the last week, and my dining room table was literally buried under papers and random things. I put all the papers that need to be sorted into a box to go through on another day, and put away everything else. I've had a few trouble issues that I fixed today. The main one being Pirate Munchkin's winter gloves and hats. She has several different ones, and she likes to trade them out. But they end up being left on the table or the chairs, cluttering up a room I already struggle with. I put out a box for them so they have a designated spot (not on the table). Then, the really big improvement. I cleaned off my piano! I have not touched the piano in over a year, and it had gotten scary! The room looks MUCH better now.

And then the kitchen. I did some rearranging in order to make space for my wheat grinder and big bucket of wheat that my mom got for me. (Thanks Mom!!) The counter where I keep those looks much better now. Then I got to work cleaning dishes. I didn't finish them yet, but it won't take too long tomorrow to get them done. I also made my family a yummy supper.

I also got all of Surfer Pirate's work uniforms put together for him to take to work to be cleaned, as well as some other things he needs to take to work.

Last summer, I had put together a chore list for myself. I designated certain days that I did certain things around the house. I did really well with it for a few weeks, but I was over-doing it a little. Having a constant list of things I had to do triggered postpartum depression. I gave myself some slack and my moods calmed back down eventually. But I think I'm ready. I'm no longer nursing Pirate Baby, I'm not pregnant, I'm trying to get my energy level back up so I can start taking some weight off. This is a good time to get back into a routine of household items.

So tomorrow, I'll get my list going again. One of my regular jobs has become Pirate Munchkin's job now. In place of doing that 3x a week, I can substitute going through the boxes in my storage room. It will be nice to start getting some organization going in my basement - tackling all the STUFF I have hiding down there.

I'm excited!


Nat Heaton said...

You are the Queen of Awesome! Could you send some of that energy my way? I need it! Hope life is great with you guys ;)