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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Feeling Spoiled

This kitty heaven really is someone's house! I've been a fan for years! Check out their website here.

When I grew up, most of my family lived several states away from us. But I did have one aunt and uncle who lived just minutes away from us.

My aunt wanted a little girl more than anything.

She had a boy. And then another boy. And another boy. And another.

No girls.

So my sister and I were her girls.

(She's also a fellow kitty lover, so that picture above is really appropriate.)

For our birthdays, she started a really fun tradition. She would take us out for some one-on-one shopping time. I know there was a price limit to our shopping trip, but I don't remember her ever saying how much. In my head, it was hundreds. Obviously, it wasn't that much in reality. I would get to buy anything I wanted and look as long as I wanted in different stores. Sometimes, we'd go to the mall. After shopping, we would eat on the upstairs level of our mall's McDonald's (yes, our McDonald's had two levels). Sometimes, we would go to - my favorite - our big downtown department store. Wherever we went, the best part was getting to be the center of attention for that day.

When I was 16 years old, my aunt received the best news! She was pregnant with a girl!! I was so excited, you would think it was MY baby! Ironically, they moved out of state when my sweet little girl cousin was only a few months old. It was really sad, and I've missed them terribly.

And then I became an adult, started my own family, and life moved on.

Then, this December, shortly before Christmas, I got a surprise present!

In it were several beautiful things from my aunt! She had sent me some pirate theme things and some dragon theme things. (How she has remembered I was born in the Year of the Dragon, I have no idea!)

I got this really cool Pirate Ship necklace

And this gorgeous sun-catcher

And this amazing Dragon pin with Pirate elements

There was also a really nice guardian angel pin, but I couldn't get a decent picture of it.

Monday was my birthday. I've been very spoiled by my family, but I knew about everything I was getting.

Except for the two packages that showed up in my mailbox by surprise that day! My aunt sent me more stuff!!

This adorable baby dragon necklace

This fun pirate pin

And this book*

So I feel exceptionally loved and spoiled by one of my very favorite aunts. I kind of feel like that young girl again - going on special shopping trips with my aunt.

*And no, Aunt L, I've never seen this book! I'm excited to read one that you love. Thank you so much for the sweet gifts! I love you, and miss you and I can't wait to have your newest grandbaby join me as a fellow Dragon Baby!


Joan said...

I always thought your aunt was so cool for spending a day with you or your sister on your birthdays. She had so much patience for all that looking and shopping and indulging you. I was grateful you had someone to spoil you during those years.

Jenni said...

I shouldn't be, but I'm jealous. I don't know any of my aunts that well, I wish I did. And I'm having to try to make up for lost time in getting to know you guys. It's pretty sad that I don't know my twin cousin better than I do!

But hey ... GO dragons!!

MTGrace said...

I'm sorry Jenni! I didn't mean to make you jealous. I wish we'd had family reunions when we were younger so we had a chance to all get to know each other better back then. I never felt like I had the opportunity to really get to know the rest of the family. I wish we'd had more time together as kids and I really would have loved to have known Wanda better before she passed away.

Bernice said...

I just love your blog! I just found it and now I can look often, I have enjoyed reading of your memories and seeing your home (out there in the wilds of North Dakota). Thanks for sharing, and thanks for following my new blog, too. Miles can separate, but thanks to all this technology, hearts can now see! :)