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Saturday, April 7, 2012


I've hardly touched my camera over the last couple weeks. I've been getting my house ready for some visitors we'll have next week.

Ever have one of those rooms that's usually closed off, so it becomes really easy to just toss stuff in there - knowing you can put it away later when you have time? And then next thing you know, that room has become chaotic because you've been doing that far too often for far too long? That was my guest room. Not only had I been dropping the "I'll put these away later" items on the bed, but it's also where I was sorting my books for the future bookshelf. The bed was buried and the floor was an obstacle course of book piles.

Yesterday, I got the room to the point where the only things left to do in there are laundry! (My laundry sorting baskets are in there.)

I always like to have freshly washed sheets for guests, so I won't wash the bedding until next week. I'm going to put one of my sister's quilts on the bed. It's been on my quilt rack for the last few years, but its beauty can't be fully appreciated there. I'll take pictures of that room when I've got it done.

Meanwhile, I had the opportunity to sort through some boxes that have been in that room since we moved into this house. One of them was a GIANT box that had Pirate Munchkin's stuffed animals. We kept some, got rid of some, donated some, and voila! Empty box.

I had tossed some old flannel sheets down the stairs earlier in the day, and Miss Dampier had been laying on them every chance she got. The thought kept sitting in the back of my head "I should figure out how to make those into a dog bed."*

And then it hit me.

The giant box is made up of a really sturdy tray-type piece and then framed out by cardboard walls. The edges of the "tray" are over an inch thick. Box + old sheets = perfect dog bed! And so easy to clean, too! Throw the sheets in the wash from time to time, vacuum out the box sometimes, and done!

Most importantly, Miss Dampier loves it! Here she is enjoying her new snuggly bed.
I feel like a good Dog Mom this week.

*Miss Dampier has really short fur, and the floors in this old house get really cold. She spends a lot of time shivering when the weather is cold.