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Thursday, August 9, 2012

This is NOT a Recipe Post

With fall coming, I'm starting to have cravings for my favorite comfort foods. Soups, stews, chili with cornbread and honey butter. That kind of thing.

One of my VERY favorite things to eat for breakfast is hashbrowns, crispy and perfect with a couple fried eggs and maybe some toast.


I'm getting hungry just thinking about that.

For the record, I can't cook hash browns from fresh potatoes to save my life. They always end up mushy and grey.

But one day, I discovered the joy of freeze dried hash browns!! You add just the right amount of water, and they cook up perfectly every single time!!

They don't look like much to begin with, but trust me.

I used to always buy my hashbrowns at Costco. Cheap and easy and simple.

But then I moved to Northern Middle of Nowhere, ND. The nearest Costco is in Canada. And I don't have a passport. (Yes, you need a passport to go to Canada now! I was very surprised to learn that.)

There's a Sam's Club a couple hours away, but I have yet to be able to find my beloved hash browns there.

But one day I thought AMAZON!!! Maybe THEY have them!!

And they did. So for somewhere around $30, I was able to have 3 boxes of my wonderful hash browns shipped directly to my house.


But now I'm out.

And they are WAY too expensive to buy from Amazon right now. :(

Just for the heck of it, I thought I would look at Costco's website to see if they might be cheaper (still would require a membership, but it could be worth my time - something to look into anyway.)

I typed "hash browns" into the search bar, selected the Grocery department and hit enter.

Zero results found.

But under that, it said "Did you mean CASH BROWNS?"



Yes, Costco website. That's EXACTLY what I meant.

Because CASH Browns are something EVERYONE needs in their home, aren't they????

Stupid Costco website.

And I still don't have any hash browns. :'(