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Wednesday, October 9, 2013


We've been very busy lately.  I've been lovingly tending to my garden all summer.  And then I had to process all the vegetables I harvested.

I had forgotten how much work that is!

That's left me very little energy or brain power to write on my blog.  My poor little readers, few though you are.  I have neglected you, and I'm sorry.

So I have a cute story for you today.

Yesterday, Pirate Baby and I were running lots and lots of errands.

One of them led us to the post office.  Our post office is a cute old building with  lots of old wood and charm and even gates on the windows for when they're closed.

And it echos.

Which means everyone hears EVERYTHING that happens in there.

As I was standing in line waiting my turn (which in this little town means waiting for one person), an Asian beetle landed on my finger.

After the major infestation that we had of them last year, they are far from my favorite bugs.  

Plus, it startled me.

So I flicked it off my finger and it landed on the floor.

I pointed it out to Pirate Baby.  "Look!  There's a bug!"

He grinned and watched it run around.  We laughed as it scurried as fast as its little legs could carry it across the floor.  

Next thing I knew:


Pirate Baby stomped on it.  Then, he pointed at the bug and said "Bug dead."

...and that's when I noticed that the clerk, the customer being helped, and the new customer who had just come in behind us had all turned at the sound and were now laughing.

That's my boy!

*Edited* - Note to self - look at previous posting before publishing new blog entries.  I repeated my words and my pictures in this entry.  Sheesh!