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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Big Changes

Lately, I've discovered many long, lost friends through the power of the internet. I have found that my friends who have blogs are the ones that I feel like I've been able to catch up with the most. So, for my friends who would like to catch up with my family - as well as new friends who are just getting to know me, I'm going to give up some anonymity and make this blog out to be about my real life.

I also have learned how precious these blogs can be considering I recently lost my dear sister to cancer. Her blog is a great comfort to me as I go back and re-read her entries.

Don't get me wrong. Any weird news articles and dumb criminal stories will continue. They are some of my favorite humor afterall! And pirates continue to be a great source of entertainment for me. They will live on forever!

Anyway, so I'm in my early 30's. A newlywed of 10 months, and blissfully happy about that! My husband is a California surfer who has been transplanted far from his beautiful ocean to the land-locked state of Montana. I have a precious 5 year old daughter through my first marriage, and a very special little step-daughter. We have our own household zoo that despite our efforts to maintain a control on the amount of animals in the house, it keeps growing. Mostly because my husband and I are both fierce animal lovers, and our home just isn't complete without them. I'm sure our little furry (and non-furry) babies will be great sources of entertainment as I write this blog.

So drop anchor me hearties, and I shall summon the cabin boy and we will splice the membraine together!