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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Puppy Love

It just has to be said. Pirate Puppy purrs when he gets snuggles. At first, we thought he was growling, but he doesn't show his teeth. When you get really close to him, and give him hugs and kisses, he lets out this low growl sound. Very weird.

I haven't decided on Pirate names for the other pets yet, but the dogs are Pirate Dog, Pirate Puppy, and Pirate Wench Puppy. Pirate Dog is 6 or 7, we're not sure. He was a pound rescue dog. Pirate Puppy is MY baby, and while he's only 6 months old, he now weighs over 60 pounds! And he's not done yet. We estimate he'll be around 160-180 by the time he's done! Pirate Wench Puppy is my husband's dream dog. She's 9 months old and is madly in love with her human daddy. She even sleeps between us on our bed!