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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I love this guy!

One of the major disadvantages of living in Montana is the lack of great restaurants like Jack in the Box.

Now, I had eaten at Jack in the Box on occasion when my ex-husband and I would travel. We regularly stayed at the Motel 6 in Idaho Falls, and the Jack in the Box was right across the parking lot. I'd had just some regular burger and fries kind of things, and I'd even had a pretty tasty breakfast sandwich and smoothie one time. Good stuff, but didn't seem very special to me.

And then I married a Californian...

Surfer Pirate had learned YEARS earlier the joys of Jack in the Box - especially during late nights. We were on vacation in Washington and we stopped to visit Jack. On his suggestion, I tried the tacos, and because I'm me, I had to try the eggrolls. (A little confession here. I am an eggroll addict. I've tried them just about everywhere I can. Most Chinese restaurants I've been to have fairly decent ones - as long as they're freshly cooked, something that doesn't always happen when you're at a buffet place. My favorite ones until now are made by a local family. They used to have a restaurant so you could buy them any day, but now they mostly just opperate out of the trailers you see at fairs and festivals. I have to keep my eyes open for them and buy them any chance I get. I have now discovered that Jack in the Box eggrolls are a VERY close second to the wonderful locally made ones.) We also had to try the terijaki bowl. Any given bite of these three menu items are just a little bit of heaven!

So, being stuck in Montana, Jack in the Box is just a distant dream. We had to take a quick over-night trip to Idaho this weekend, and one of the highlights of our trip was getting my Jack in the Box fix! Of course I had to have my three favorites. I gorged myself on their crispy, flavorful tacos, the amazing teriyaki bowl, and of course my favorite - the eggrolls. I was stuffed like a Thanksgiving turkey, but happy as can be!

Someone, oh someone please??? Open a Jack in the Box in my city! I will be your customer for life!!

I also have to pay tribute to the joy that is the Cherry Limeade at Sonic. Again, something we don't have here - although they've opened one in Great Falls and we keep hearing rumors of one opening here soon. The 44 oz Cherry Limeade was a refreshing addition to my wonderful Jack in the Box meal, and I did make sure we made a special trip to Sonic first to make sure I got that fix as well! :)