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Monday, January 4, 2010

Australian Football???

Again, I am grateful for the internet.

Surfer Pirate is a die-hard Green Bay Packers fan. Unfortunately, there are more Dallas Cowboys fans in Montana then Packers fans, so our local Fox network was playing their game instead of Green Bay's yesterday. But thanks to the miracle that is the internet, I was able to find live feed of the Packers game so Surfer Pirate didn't miss a thing.

Oddly enough, the live feed was from an Australian Fox channel.

Complete with Australian commercials.

It's very odd to be watching American football intermingled with commercials for Cricket games and Hungry Jack's (the Australian version of Burger King).

But the good news is the Packers stomped all over the Arizona Cardinals. And I'm happy to say that my Falcons won their game yesterday as well - although it does seem weird to post on here that I'm happy the Buccaneers lost.