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Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Bittersweet Day

First, I need to show off my new shoes. Aren't they cute? They're low. They're fun. And best of all, they're SPARKLY!!

And they look beautiful with my red toenails.

But the question arises: Why did I need to go out and buy cute shoes today?

(For the record, you never need an excuse to buy cute shoes.)

But today, I did have an excuse.

Two years ago today, my sweet sister passed away. She was OBSESSED with shoes. She had been sick for quite a while before she died, so she was able to think about what she wanted for her funeral. First, she wanted to be buried with one of her favorite pairs of shoes. I got to choose which ones. I picked a gorgeous pair of Steve Maddens that were a very subtle multicolored brocade type of pattern. Very unique, and incidentally, they actually matched her casket! It was meant to be. The other thing she wanted was that everyone wear their favorite shoes to the funeral. Her online friends who couldn't attend the funeral did a collage online of pictures of them wearing their favorite shoes in her honor that day. The funeral was a great place for people (like me) who love shoes. Someone was even wearing those big plush animal slippers! (Wish I could remember what the animal was.)

Anyway, my mom mentioned this morning that she had to go buy shoes today. (Dr's orders! Gotta love a doctor who gives you a prescription to buy shoes!) I thought that sounded like a very good idea, so I found these little beauties on sale for $12.99!

My sister would totally approve. :)


leannewitney said...

Those are cute! What a fun way to remember your sister. I'm sorry for your loss. What a sad thing to go through- but you seem to have come out on top and share the positive things since her passing.

Joan said...

Great sandals! The lack of arch support looks painful to me, but enjoy them while you can.

MTGrace said...

Oh yeah. They're very flat. And considering your shoe problems lately, I'm sure I'll be going through the same problems myself later in life.

Thanks Leanne. She watches over our family, so she's with me on a pretty regular basis, but I still miss her like it was yesterday.