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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Never Underestimate the Power of the Large Purple Beach Ball

Pirate Munchkin has a very large purple beach ball.

She doesn't play with it very often, but today was one of those days where she felt the need. It's pretty strong, so usually she likes to sit on it. Sort of a child-sized yoga ball.

She also has issues lately with putting things away when she's done with them.

Generally, that drives me crazy because I taught her when she was still a baby that when she finishes playing with something, she needs to put it away before taking something else out.

My bedroom always looked like it had exploded when I was little, and I was trying to avoid that problem with her by training her early. And it's worked! Her room is always practically spotless. (Except her desk, but she gets that from me. I always have piles of papers on some surface or the other. Her little desk is just a mimic of whichever table is the latest dumping ground.)

So tonight, when she left her beach ball behind to go do something else, I snagged it. I was sitting in the recliner and just started rolling the ball around with my feet.

That's how I learned that a large-sized beach ball is the PERFECT footrest for sitting in a recliner. I can still rock, and that wonderful purple ball rolls right with me!

She may never get it back.