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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Stupid Criminal Saturday!

Florida police: When mom takes grown son's beer, he calls 911

By: Associated Press,


A 32-year-old Pasco County man who called 911 to complain about his mother is facing criminal charges.

According to a sheriff's office arrest report, Charles Dennison told a deputy that his mother took his beer and he wanted her arrested.

Dennison was reportedly "very intoxicated" when the deputy arrived at the New Port Richey home.

Dennison told the deputy that he would keep calling emergency responders if his mother wasn't charged. He has been charged with making false 911 calls and was jailed on $150 bond.

It was unclear if he had an attorney.

Somehow I just don't think this guy has an attorney. 'Nuff said.


leannewitney said...

Scott has a t-shirt that says:
"You can't fix stupid."

I think that sums this up real nice.

MTGrace said...