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Tuesday, April 26, 2011


The weather has become incredibly nice around here. I've spent a lot of time outside enjoying it. Last night, I had this image of sitting outside on my front porch with something warm to drink, just enjoying the warmer morning air.

So that's what I did this morning.

I got dressed in my favorite lightweight black palazzo pants and a plain white t-shirt with my Hawaiian sandals.

I made myself my favorite warm drink. Hot Horchata. (I need to try this recipe one of these days. The version I've been drinking is a powder mix. I put a couple teaspoons of it in milk, then heat the whole thing up. Mmmmmmm...)

I grabbed the baby monitor and a good book and headed outside to my comfy camping chair that's on my front porch. (Still missing my porch swing that got stolen in Montana when we were moving the first load up here. My swing is the only thing that would have made this morning even better.)

It was perfect. Nice cool breeze, not too chilly. Birds singing all around me. I could even hear a woodpecker. The only car that passed by was my neighbor (sure don't miss the busy street we lived on in MT!) I enjoyed my book, my drink, peace and quiet and the wonderful sensation of spring finally being here.

And then I had to laugh at myself.

It was 38 degrees outside!

Both where I lived in Montana and when I lived in Utah, 38 degrees would have kept me in the house! I certainly wouldn't be on the front porch in sandals and a t-shirt thinking about how nice it was outside!

Yep. I'm acclimated to Northern Middle of Nowhere North Dakota.