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Friday, May 13, 2011

Flashback Friday

I had an uncle who was a fireman. How cool is that?? We took a family trip to Salt Lake, and while we were there, we visited Uncle Paul's firehouse. Doesn't my sister look proud with that big helmet? I love my mom's long denim skirt (at least I'm guessing it's denim). I know that I screamed and cried when they turned the siren on.

And not only is today Friday, but it's Friday the 13th!

That always makes me happy. I've never been a superstitious person, but I LOVE watching people who are! It's a great source of entertainment. (Only I didn't get to do any real scared-people people watching today because I have a cold and it was yucky outside today.)

The other thing about Friday the 13th is that it always reminds me of my sister. I think she was a junior in high school and I was in 8th grade when we decided we wanted to have a party one October. Mom okayed it, and we chose Friday the 13th because... well... why not?? We kept the two different age groups apart by having one group upstairs in the living room and the other group downstairs in our very cool family room. To make it all fair, we switched halfway through the night. In the family room, we had music for dancing and a pool table. In the living room, we had... I don't remember. Except I do remember my group went outside and ran around in the cold for I have no idea what reason. But it was fun!

So there ya go. TWO flashbacks for this Friday.

You should feel special.


Joan said...

The upstairs party group watched a movie on TV when they weren't playing games. Was that the night someone cranked up the volume on the stereo and then swiped the control knobs?
And yes it was a denim skirt. I loved that skirt!

MTGrace said...

Yes, I do believe that was the night Shawn stole the volume control knob on the living room stereo. He was such a poo sometimes!

B. said...

What a cute picture of you guys! And no wonder you screamed and cried when they turned on the siren, look how little you are! :-)