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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Smart Boy

Normally, Major Stede has a sixth sense about dropped food. A tiny crumb of soft bread could fall on the plushest carpet eight miles away, and he would hear it and come running to scarf it up.

If I even TOUCH a plate of leftovers or a pan that has little scraps of food from last night's supper in it, he's right there to make sure he gets first chance to eat it. The saddest thing in his world is when I walk past him to scrape a pan into the garbage.

But apparently he's learned one very important truth.

When Mom is eating Milk Duds and one falls on the floor, don't even THINK about going after it, because she will kill you!

He stayed very still in that position you see in the picture while I tracked down the rogue piece of chocolatey caramel goodness.

Don't mess with Mom's Milk Duds.

*And yes, Mom follows the 5 second rule. Except in the kitchen. I don't mop often enough to trust that.