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Thursday, November 29, 2012

House Tour Revisited

Last week got a little busy for me, so I wasn't able to get the next batch of pictures done.

First up, my really big laundry room!  There's plenty of room for my laundry sorters and the freezer.

The bonus to this room is that it's also a bathroom.  The biggest issue in the old house was that we didn't have a main floor bathroom.  Now we have TWO!

The shower is small, but it does the job.

The toilet is tucked back behind a wall next to the dryer.  Privacy is a good thing.

The sink cabinet has one HUGE drawer that is perfect for my tool kits.  It's so nice to have a place where my household tools are really handy!  The kitty gets to have his food up on the counter where the dogs (and baby) can't get into it.  There's also a baby gate (that you can see if you look to the far left of this picture) for extra protection - keeps the dogs away from the cat food and litter box and the baby away from the tools and cleaning supplies.

Looking out of the laundry room towards the back door.

My pretty bench is the perfect place for taking off shoes when coming in the door.  That bench was one of the few things my ex-husband gave me that I still have.  He had it custom made for me.  "Cielo" means "Heaven" in Spanish, and that's definitely appropriate for how I feel living out in the country.

Looking from the laundry room doorway towards the kitchen.  To the right is a closet where we keep Surfer Pirate's work uniforms.  The door at the end of the hallway leads to the basement.

Looking back the other way on the back entry.  That door leads to the garage - Surfer Pirate's favorite part of the house.  I forgot to get pictures of it.  Maybe another day.

That piece is one of my many projects.  It used to be a dresser, belonging to my grandparents.  We don't need the extra dresser, and I really wanted a baking station.  Eventually, the open part where the top two sets of drawers were, will have a shelf to hold the mixer and other items.  It's got wheels on it, so I can roll it around when I need extra counter space too.

On to my favorite room in the house.  My beautiful, sunny kitchen!

This picture was taken from the opposite side of the room from where the last picture was taken, but it's the best view of the kitchen.

Just inside the doorway from the living room is the eat-in area.  My pretty table has plenty of room.  I didn't like the cover for the light of the ceiling fan, so I took it off.  I'll be making a custom cover for it eventually - one more project.  As you can see, Captain Kitty really likes hanging out on my kitchen chairs.

I had mentioned in my last post that I have three favorite things about this house.  #1 being the big walk-in closet.  #2, you may have guessed was my giant whirlpool tub.  #3 A DISHWASHER!!!  I have REALLY missed having one of those!  The fridge has a water and ice dispenser.  I feel very spoiled.  I would have killed for crushed ice right there in my kitchen when I was pregnant with Pirate Baby.  Next to the dishwasher is my French step-stool.  I love it.  Above the stove is a very dusty pot rack, missing all but one of its hooks.  One day, I'll take it down, clean it, paint it black, and get some more hooks.  Yet another project...

Don't you just love all that cabinet space?

My main work space.  I have a place for the speakers for my laptop - so I can watch movies while I cook.  I have a ton of counter space for rolling out dough or preparing a feast.  And from there, I can see almost the entire living room - so I can keep track of what the family is doing.  You also have to notice that my Christmas cactus is blooming right now.

And it wouldn't be my kitchen without the dragon light-catcher my aunt sent for my last birthday.

So there you go - you've now seen the main floor of our new house.  Next up, the kids' rooms!


B. said...

And there's my toaster! I had forgotten we had the same toaster, until I saw it on your counter. So funny. This is an awesome house! It has so many features that we always wish we had in ours (the giant laundry room/bathroom, the entryway to put boots and things, the perfect kitchen). I'm so glad you guys are in a good place. (Oh, and Captain Kitty is adorable, I want to pet him.)