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Monday, November 19, 2012

The New Place

I'm taking a break from my eight million projects to get pictures taken of our new house.  I've only got 3 rooms for this entry, but I'll try to get to the rest of them through the week.  Enjoy!

First up, the living room:

We have less rooms than in the old house, but they're bigger.  Thankfully, the living room was just big enough to bring in most of the furniture from the old dining room as well as the living room.  It's a little crowded with all our big furniture, but it fits!

This is the view from the hallway looking out towards the front of the house.  Everything is fairly self-explanatory except in the far corner.  On the long table next to the couch is my printer/fax/copier and my bearded dragon's tank.  Underneath that is Pirate Baby's toy basket and rocking chair.

From the front entry looking in.

Looking into the front entry.  Eventually, there will be a 2nd dvd rack next to the one behind the recliner (we've filled that one).  The boxes in the front entry are all my books.  I'll be building bookshelves in there when I get time.  I'll take pictures when those are done.

 This is from the front corner looking into the hallway.  The door next to the entrance to the hallway leads upstairs to the kids' bedrooms.  I'll get to those another day.

Next is our bedroom.  Surfer Pirate has his team proudly displayed to mark his side of the room.  You also have to admire the great thought he had about our tv.  We haven't been able to upgrade to a flat screen yet.  The old beast tv was small, but not small enough to sit on the dresser without being in an unstable position.  We had some corner shelves that I originally built for Pirate Munchkin's room, but they won't work in her room here - you'll see why when I get to the pictures of her room.  He got the brilliant idea to mount one of the corner shelves high up on the wall and put the tv on it.  Now we can see it from anywhere in the room!  Such a smart guy.

My side of the room.  Notice I have also displayed my team pride.  The parrots on my desk were a present from Surfer Pirate when we were newlyweds (my Christmas gift, I think).  They represent the two of us.  You're only getting a little glimpse of my beautiful walk-in closet.  It's also a work in progress.  I'll post pictures when I finish that one.  The closet is one of my 3 favorite things about this house.   

Last up for today's entry is our bathroom.  See if you can guess what the 2nd of my 3 favorite things about this house is:


 So there you go.  The first part of the tour of our new home.  We look forward to being here for many, many years. 


B. said...

I want that bathroom... I want the tub!

It's a nice looking house. Do you ever play the piano? I love that the piano has the prime spot where most people would put the TV. :-)