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Monday, August 24, 2009

Pirate Family Drama

I did not sleep well last night. Pirate animals of all shapes and sizes were making noise, making messes, licking, etc. to the point that I couldn't stay asleep for more than 10-20 minutes at a time. I eventually moved out to the pirate couch and ended up with a sleep mask AND earplugs! It was bad. Around 5:30 or so, I finally slept deeper, only to be awake again at 7, and 8. After the 8:00 period of crabby wakefulness, I slept pretty well until 10:30.

Anyway, what woke me at 8 was Pirate Munchkin playing in her room. Apparently she had Black Beardette (our youngest pirate cat) in the room with her because all I could hear was giggling. The giggling continued until I heard an "Ouch". Then more giggling. I figured things were fine and went back to sleep.

When I finally got up, I was faced with a very sad and sullen 5 year old. Very seriously, she said to me "Mom. I have something to tell you. Black Beardette hurt my feelings. She broke my heart and my spirit." Of course, this must be taken very seriously! When asked what happened, Pirate Munchkin told me that she didn't pick up the cat or anything! Black Beardette came up to her and scratched her on her face ALL ON HER OWN!! Pirate Munchkin got a hug and a kiss, and Black Beardette got a mild lecture on being nice.

Pirate Munchkin has been told repeatedly not not pick up Black Beardette. She's the only cat that isn't declawed, and she still has sharp little kitten claws. Pirate Munchkin loves the cat more than just about anything. She got the lovely trait (from her mother, I had the same problem as a kid) of loving animals to the point of torture. Needless to say, when Black Beardette gets picked up and she doesn't want to be, she responds with her claws. Telling Pirate Munchkin to quit picking her up doesn't seem to work, so I just let natural consequences take place. I have a feeling that's what happened this morning. And because of the giggles that followed the ouch, I feel pretty safe that Pirate Munchkin's heart and spirit are just fine! :)