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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Too Tired to Care

Just one of those weeks. Too much going on, so I'm drained.

Pirate Munchkin started kindergarten this week. There were two classes, and of course we ended up with the teacher with the really long last name. Oh well, she's nice, and I think she'll be a good teacher. Munchkin is coming home with great stories about all the things she's learning. She's already made some new friends. Next week's challenge? HOT LUNCH!

Surfer Pirate may be getting a raise!!! We hope to hear about it within the next few days, but it looks pretty promising. That will make life a lot easier around here. And they'll finally be paying him what he deserves.

Meanwhile, I'm officially looking for work. I got a referral for a job with an RV company, and I'm pretty hopeful about that one. Supposedly, they're pretty flexible about hours, and I'm even thinking of looking into telecommuting with them. That way, I could work there while Pirate Munchkin is in school, and work at home the rest of the day. But considering I haven't even had an interview yet, I'm sort of jumping the gun. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

For those who haven't yet discovered the joys of Facebook, I have to put my little plug in for it. I've been on there for about a year and a half now, and the thing I have discovered is that finding long-lost friends is like Christmas!! My senior year of high school, I was going through a pretty tough time. I had two main friends who got me through it. They were my strength and kept me sane. I lost contact with both of them due to my first marriage. (The ex was very jealous, and both of these friends are male.) I had hoped to see these guys at our 10 year reunion, but no such luck. I managed to track down one of them a couple of years ago through one of his relatives, and I've enjoyed having him back in my life. But I've still had kind of a hole in my life from my other missing friend. Last week, I saw that I had a friend request on Facebook. There he was!!! I was so excited I was practically bouncing! I was stunned to find out he's been back in town for a couple of years, and acutally lives pretty close to me!!! We were able to get together and do some catching up. I'm just so thrilled to have these two great friends back in my life. Isn't the internet great?