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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Heaven in a Pair of Shoes

I have been obsessing over these shoes for a year now. I discovered them while looking for different pictures to have on hand for this very blog.

They were supposed to be my Mother's Day present last year, but money was too tight to get them. Bills had to be paid first.

I would avoid looking at the website I found them on - afraid they would sell out before I could get them. But periodically, I would check to make sure they were still around.

And finally, after scrimping and saving, I was finally able to order them. I had expected them last week, and had planned to wear them with my new black dress to church yesterday. (You have to love picking up a dress at Goodwill for $9.99 that still had the original tags on it! Original price? $110!!)

But no shoes.

Saturday, I started to get panicky. The confirmation email I had received said that they were to be shipped via FedEx. But there wasn't a tracking number. The company I ordered them from is pretty small, and I was unable to reach anyone on Saturday. So, I called FedEx. They had no record of any packages that should be going to my house! I was just sick. Terrified that my beloved shoes were lost after I'd waited so long for them!

And then this afternoon, my doorbell rang. UPS. What? I wasn't expecting anything from UPS! When I picked up the package off my porch, it was just the right size for a shoe box! Could it be?? Could it really be?? I dug into the brown packing paper with a vengeance! Opening the lid of the shoe box filled me with the anticipation of a small child opening Christmas presents! Inside, more packing materials. Each shoe was carefully wrapped in tissue paper and tucked inside its own little plastic bag.

And then the moment I had waited a year for! My beautiful pirate shoes were finally in my hands. But would they fit? Slipping them on and finding that they fit beautifully filled me with a bliss I can barely process!

I had to paint my toes in honor of my gorgeous shoes! A very fitting, very pirate-like red.

They're better than I could have imagined.