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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Changes Are In Order

My cable box is annoying. It resets itself on a regular basis, the guide doesn't work right, and the dvr randomly deletes things or just records what it wants to.

We're tired of fighting with it. We had an issue this week that got us thinking that maybe it's just time to go with a different company now.

So we made the phone calls to make the changes, and the new company won't be out until next Friday to hook us up.

Which puts us in a tricky spot. We're not willing to pay both companies right now, so we will be without internet for about a week.

I may go through withdrawals.

So I'm going to do my movie posts through next Friday. Read one a day if you would like to pretend that I'm still here.

Try not to miss me too much. :)


B. said...

No fun! I miss you already, no way I can pretend you are here when you are not. :-(

And you probably won't even read this message for a week... I may be calling and bugging you. :-)