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Sunday, June 12, 2011

The One Where I Ramble

Surfer Pirate has requested that his picture not appear on this blog. This is a really cute picture of both of my guys, but all you get to see of Surfer Pirate is his thumb (with lots of black gunk on it - that's what mechanic thumbs look like) and his shoulder. Feel privileged.

It wasn't until I took this batch of pictures yesterday that I realized that Pirate Baby's eyes really are a combination of both of our eyes. Surfer Pirate's eyes are light blue. They're gorgeous. My eyes were light brown when I was little, and they slowly changed to green. Depending on my mood and the outfits I wear, they're either green or brown. Pirate Baby's eyes are a darker blue with flecks of brown in them.

First of all, Pirate Baby has outgrown his cradle (little tear), which means he's had to move into his own room so he can sleep in his crib. The little rockstar has transitioned beautifully, and even slept all the way through the first night! And now, he's even content to hang out in his crib and take naps in there during the day.

Second, I feel the need to announce that Spring Seeding is done on the farm!!! Yay!! That means I get to actually see my husband for more than five minutes at a time!

That's good because we've got some fun things planned for this summer.

Part of our surrogate family has reserved a campsite at a beautiful lake every weekend this summer, and we'll go out there with them at least one of those weekends. With our new (to us) boat. Yep. We have a boat. How do we have a boat? We traded for it. Surfer Pirate traded his dirtbike so we could have a boat. He rocks. But we already knew that. We need to make a trip to Montana so both of our dads can meet their new grandson. And we were just talking about taking a trip to Minneapolis for the sole purpose of eating at White Castle. 'Cause we're cool like that. But you knew that too.

Surfer Pirate and I had a conversation tonight that was a type we haven't had in a while. Finances. It's still stressful, but much better than we were dealing with a year ago. Based on how things are going, we should be all caught up on the major things by the end of August! And once harvest is here, we'll be able to start chipping away at the other things so we can build our credit back up. We still have a way to go, but this move has made a huge difference.

Pirate Munchkin has neighborhood playmates! Our neighbor across the street has a granddaughter who will be 7 in September and a grandson who is 4. They're staying with her for the next week, and we've already had some playtime. I'm sure there will be lots more during the rest of the week. When I was little, we had friends in my grandparent's neighborhood who we played with every summer. I'm glad Pirate Munchkin is going to get summer playmates as well. She also has swimming lessons starting on Monday.

I have flowers in my yard! I walked through the yard with the previous owner last week, and she was able to tell me what many of the plants are. I need to get out and take pictures to post here. I'll try to do that in the next day or two.