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Thursday, June 30, 2011


Why yes, he DOES sleep with his eyes open a lot. Why do you ask?

This little guy has been having a tough time lately. Sleep is not something that's going very well for him. Last week, there were a couple of nights that he wouldn't sleep for more than a half hour unless he was in my arms. Surfer Pirate works FAR too many hours to have his sleep interrupted, so off to the guest room this tiny person and I went.

Thankfully, there were only a couple nights of that, but the nap issue has been a problem for a while now. His naps are so sporadic lately. Some days, he'll nap for HOURS, and nothing will bother him. But most days lately, I'm lucky if he'll be out for 5 minutes. It's frustrating, and it means that some days I get nothing done.

Today has been one of those days. So here it is, early afternoon, and he's FINALLY asleep. He's been fussy for a couple of hours. He had just eaten, so I know that wasn't the problem. He just refused to settle down, and everything made him mad. So I finally just laid him on his stomach on my lap with a spit-rag under him (I've been burned before, I've learned my lesson). I had the fan pointed at us so it's much cooler where we're sitting. Then I started rubbing his back gently. Eventually, his cries turned to whimpers, the whimpers to soft sighs, then quiet. And then he was out.


But now I'm afraid if I move him off my lap and try to get something done, he'll wake up.

So here I sit.

Good thing I already got my house really clean yesterday because we had guests. It may be a while before I'm able to get anything else done today. There's laundry and some dishes to do, but they'll wait.

My baby is sleeping.