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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Poo on Casio

Surfer Pirate his hard on his phones. Being a mechanic, he's constantly climbing under vehicles and crawling around on the floor. His work is messy and fairly dangerous - especially for small electronic parts encased in plastic. He has to have a phone that stands up to that kind of environment.

He's recently replaced his "normal person" phone for a Casio Boulder. He's had a similar phone before, with good results. So when he found this one online for super-cheap (thank you ebay!) he snatched it up. (Good thing, because yesterday when checking again, they've tripled in price on there!)

But there's a problem.

As mentioned on several occasions, we live in Northern Middle of Nowhere, ND. We're not exactly discussed on most weather maps. We also sort of have our own little weather pocket here. Big nasty storms hit all around us, but miss us on a regular basis. We also get storms that no one around us gets. So watching the weather reports on the news or online usually will cover areas around us, but not actually our area. Since Surfer Pirate is not only a mechanic, but also a farmer, weather is a big deal. We've found that there is an application you can get on your cell phone that is fairly accurate for us here.

Except his new phone can't get it.

Apparently Casio failed to renew their application contract (or something to that effect).

So they suck.

I have a feeling I'm going to get lots of phone calls and text messages to check the weather for him.