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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Stupid Criminal Saturday, July 23rd Edition

I love when my Stupid Criminal stories come from my very own local news! It makes it SO much more convenient.

Today's story comes from our not-so-distant neighbors in Moorhead, Minnesota. If you go here, you can even see the video from the news.

Naked stranger arrested in Moorhead

As a recent retiree, Bruce Larkin usually sleeps in and peacefully wakes up. But not this morning.

Bruce Larkin, homeowner, says, "Usually she doesn't scream, so my thoughts went, "boom, boom!" I mean, it was quick."

His wife, Maxine, was taking their dogs out when she discovered wet socks and underwear on her front steps. She then found a large puddle of what she believes to be urine. She wondered what was going on and then found the naked truth...

Bruce Larkin says, "Then for some odd reason went to the garage, opened the door and here's this stark ass naked man."

Bruce went around last night and made sure the doors were locked, but there was one he forgot.

Bruce Larkin says, "I usually lock the garage door, but for what odd reason, I didn't think of it."

An intruder came in the back door, and even though the he was just sleeping on the floor, police say the Larkins are lucky.

Tory Jacobson, Moorhead Police, says, "People that leave their doors unlocked and allow for people to gain entries. Certainly scary. Something of concern."

It's a scary situation, and Bruce says his wife is still shaken up. But Bruce just thinks its funny that the incident's only casualty was frozen food.

Bruce Lark in says, "The only thing is the wife's favorite chicken alfredo pizza corner, that's the one he had on the inside steps."

Even with the humor, Bruce says he'll never forget to lock his doors.

I think I'd mostly be upset about the loss of my pizza. Because Pizza Corner? That's some darn good pizza!

* If I'd thought about it when I was out and about this morning, I would have stopped at the store to take a picture of one of their pizzas. Since I didn't, you'll just have to settle for their logo.


Unknown said...

My favorite part of the video?
The rug in the garage that says, "WE'RE GLAD YOU'RE HERE."

MTGrace said...

I know! Isn't that funny??