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Friday, May 18, 2012

The Eyes Have It

My first experience with parenting was helping to raise my two step-sons. They were a handful, but I loved them (still do). Obviously, since they weren't biologically mine, they didn't look like me.

Then I got Pirate Munchkin. And then I temporarily had her sister. Again, since they weren't biologically mine, they didn't look like me.

So when I got pregnant with Pirate Baby, I really looked forward to finally having a child in my life who actually looked like he belonged to me!

...and then he was born...

...and he looked EXACTLY like his father.

Don't get me wrong. That's not a bad thing. I happen to think Surfer Pirate is pretty darn good-looking! Having my little boy look like his daddy is a great thing.

But still part of me was a little disappointed.

My dad counseled me, "You know, eventually it won't matter because Pirate Baby will look like Pirate Baby."

Which is true. He definitely has his own look.

But part of me was STILL disappointed because I wanted to be able to see some of ME when I looked at his face.

Eventually, random people in stores started pointing out that his eyes were shaped just like mine. They were right! They are the same shape, and they are HUGE just like mine were when I was little. I took consolation in the fact that while his eyes were blue, they were the same shape as mine.

By the time he was a year old, I had accepted the fact that my son's eyes were blue, and started to really enjoy the color of them. They were a really pretty dark blue.
...sometimes, they would even turn brown depending on his mood and the lighting in whatever room he was in.

But recently, I noticed something. The blue is almost gone. It's still there when he's outside and the sun is really bright. But mostly, his eyes are green and brown.

Just like mine.

So while he has his daddy's nose. And his daddy's ears. And his daddy's blond hair. And his daddy's mouth. And especially his daddy's chin. He has my eyes.

My little boy.

And for those of you who aren't on facebook, here's my daughter in the really cute (but insanely difficult to make) poodle skirt that I made this week:

The spring concert at her school was a 50's theme. The kids were encouraged to wear 50's style clothes, and I was THRILLED to have an excuse to make a poodle skirt! I always wanted one! My best friend B. had one when we were kids, and I was insanely jealous. So at least I get to live vicariously through my little girl.

She loved it.

But she was less than thrilled to hear that she would have to wear socks. She thought that was really weird.


B. said...

I'm glad Pirate Baby has your eyes too. :-)

I love the poodle skirt! Too bad you couldn't find saddle shoes too! She looks adorable.