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Monday, May 28, 2012

White People Problems

There's a commercial on tv these days that irritates me every single time I see it.

A medication to help you grow eyelashes.

How is this seriously a real thing???

Are there people out there with so few problems in their lives that the number of eyelashes in their eyelids is an actual concern?


And we all know that every medication has side effects. Thankfully, this one doesn't have anything TOO horrible. There are certainly worse side effects out there for other medications (like that ever so pesky "death" side effect). This one just has a temporary eyelid darkening issue that goes away once you quit using it. But there's also the potential for it to darken the color of your eye as well.

Call me crazy, but does anyone else see this as a problem?

I'm not talking about the cosmetic issue. Maybe some of the people who are so worried about their eyelash count actually would like to have brown eyes.

But if this medication is messing with the color of your eyes, what else is it doing to your eye? What fun little complications are going to show up in another decade or so - especially in long-time users of it?


Whole eyeball turns black?

Tumors the size of grapefruits growing out of your eyelids?

I'm just amazed by the things people think are important in life. Eyelash count? Really??