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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My Friends Are Crazy

When I was 16 years old and got my driver's license, my mom had a Ford Tempo - very much like the one in the picture below:

Picture found here.

It's a fairly compact little car. Seats four semi-comfortably. Seats 5 if you squish 'em up a little in the back seat.

*This would also be a good time to add that people who come up with car paint color names have no clue what colors are. Notice how the car in that picture is so light grey that it's almost white? They called that color "Charcoal." I would call it "Ash" or maybe "Dust".

In my church, they want all the kids with the same morals and beliefs to spend lots of time together, so once a month, we would have a youth dance. Kids from 14 to 18 were invited, and it was usually a great time.

The night had come for one of these dances. I know I wasn't in the greatest of moods that night, and had hoped that the dance would fix that. (Most likely I was mooning over some guy who didn't deserve my attention. I did that a lot in high school.) But this particular dance never really picked up. Maybe there was some major activity going on at another high school, maybe a lot of people were out of town, who knows? Either way, I was disappointed with the lack of turn-out and was getting bored.

My friends The Two S's were there, along with some other friends. They were enjoying each others company, laughing and having a great time even though there weren't a lot of people to dance with. But since I wasn't already in the "Yay! We're having a great time!" kind of mood, I just couldn't get into their enthusiasm. I mentioned to my friends that if things didn't pick up soon, I would probably leave.

I started roaming the halls and wasting time in the bathroom, checking my makeup every 5 minutes.

I went back into the dance for a while. My friends' moods had just gotten even better. They were laughing and having a wonderful time. After a while, I announced I'd had enough and I was leaving.

They told me good-bye, and continued laughing and giggling.

I walked out to the parking lot to discover my mom's car had been hit by a little pickup truck!

I didn't have a camera with me, so I don't have pictures of that night, but imagine that I was walking up from behind the black car in this picture:
Picture found here.

I was horrified! My mom was going to be so upset!! I'd taken her car out for the night, had parked it perfectly responsibly in a more unused side of the parking lot, and someone had still hit it!

I had that horrible feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you find out something really bad has happened.

I walked slowly up to the car to see what the damage was.




....there WASN'T any damage!

In fact, the little pickup wasn't even TOUCHING my mom's car!


My car was clearly moved like it had been hit really hard. But it very definitely hadn't been hit. It was locked. The keys had been in my pocket all night.

I went inside and found my friends. I was still really confused while I explained to them what I had found.

They doubled over, laughing hysterically! They couldn't even talk, they were laughing so hard!

And that's when I realized they were responsible for it!

"Alright guys. What did you DO?"

They explained to me (through their laughter) that while I had been wandering around the church, a group of big football players had come in. They were talking to the guys and had come up with the idea of playing a prank on me to cheer me up.

They sent these big guys out to the parking lot to PICK UP MY CAR, move it sideways to look like it had been hit. Then, they chose another vehicle parked nearby that was small enough for them to pick up, and moved it in front of my car so it looked like it had hit my car.

Turned out that the pickup belonged to a guy we knew named Jack*. We went to track him down to have him move his truck. (The football players were afraid they would get in trouble for their part in the prank, so they had left.) Jack didn't find the prank nearly as funny as the rest of us did, but he didn't have much of a sense of humor anyway.

*not really his name.
Click to enlarge.

I didn't stick around much longer after that. The dance still never really picked up.

But I definitely left in a better mood - thanks to my crazy friends and some big unknown football players.

...although, I probably would have stayed longer if the football players had stuck around to dance with us!