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Monday, April 19, 2010

Adventures in Baking

One day I will attempt one of these topsy-turvy cakes. They're very cool. But after this week, that will be a looooong time from now.

Pirate Munchkin's 6th birthday is tomorrow.

Considering some previous birthday cake disasters, I thought "cupcakes will be easy. We'll do cupcakes this year."

But no boring cake and frosting for me.

Oh no. That would be too easy.

So I pulled out this lovely book that my mother sent me for Christmas. She told me that she bought it for me just to have something fun to look at. But can I just look at it? Noooooo. I have to actually use the ideas! (Someone should probably stop me.)

Armed with post-it notes, Pirate Munchkin and I went through the book, sticking little yellow pieces of paper on the pages we liked. And what we settled on was... {drumroll, please} ... BUTTERFLIES!!!

(If you're asking yourself "Why is she doing butterflies and not something more pirate-like?" The answer is, because it's HER birthday, not mine! I'm seriously considering making a 3D pirate ship for my next birthday.)

I had images of a lovely tower (thanks to the Wilton's Cupcakes N More stand) of beautiful butterflies - looking like they've just fluttered down and landed ever so gently on the cupcakes.

And then we reserved the place where we were going to have the party. (C'mon people! I'm smart enough not to have a houseful of kids!) They charge by the time, not by how many kids are there. So I figured, since it's her first real birthday party, why not let her have a large group of kids? Twenty kids, and who knows how many adults mean THREE DOZEN cupcakes. Yikes!

That's a LOT of hand-made butterflies!

Now, I certainly never dreamed that 37 pairs (the extra pair is because I can't count) of butterfly wings would take FIVE HOURS to make!

If I had, I think I would have re-thought that whole "let her invite as many kids as she wants" thing.

But I'm happy to report, the cupcakes are done, and they turned out as beautifully as I hoped. I'll post pictures shortly.