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Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I seriously have an addiction. Someone should probably stop me.

Any guesses where this one came from?


Accent: I don't really think I have one, but I do have a tendency to get a little twangy on the word "Montana" when out-of-staters ask me where I'm from.

Booze: Blech!

Chore I Hate: Cleaning the litter-box. Need I say more?

Dog or Cat: Both

Essential Electronics: Computer, TV, cell phone, palm pilot (which I pretty much only use to play solitaire)

Favorite Cologne(s): For me, Este Lauder Beautiful and Charlie Red. For men, pretty much anything but Fahrenheit or whatever crap my ex-husband got from his 3rd wife when our divorce wasn't final yet.

Gold or Silver: Usually gold, but silver is cheaper. :)

Hometown: Billings, Montana

Insomnia: Not really, but I do stay up too late most nights.

Job Title: Domestic Goddess and Queen of the Universe.

Kids: One very feisty little girl who will be 6 next Tuesday!

Living arrangements: Third generation owner of my home. I live here with my husband, daughter and a small zoo.

Most admirable trait: I take care of my friends

Number of sexual partners: Two

Overnight hospital stays: Not since infancy - and even then, Mom took me home early

Phobias: Claustrophobic and Hydrophobic (which is funny since I married a surfer!)

Quote: "I would really recommend that you not do that, because I’ll be laughing way too hard to call 911 when you hurt yourself." (from

Religion: Mormon

Siblings: One sister who watches over me from above and 4 step-sisters who I don't really know

Time I wake up: 7:45. Living next to Pirate Munchkin's school has definite advantages!

Unusual talent or skill: If I've been stretching enough, I can do the splits and fold myself completely in half.

Vegetable I refuse to eat: eggplant

Worst habit: procrastination

X-rays: teeth, spine, ribs, elbow, shoulder (yes, I'm a klutz)

Yummy foods I make: I can't pick just one. Almost everything I make is yummy, and if it's not yummy, I don't make it again.

Zodiac sign: Pisces