The people who witnessed a robbery attempt at an Oregon convenience store didn't need to describe the muggers. They just needed to point.

The two men accused of trying to rob someone at knifepoint were arrested when they returned to get their car while officers were interviewing witnesses.

Medford police Lt. Bob Hansen says a man leaving the store late Tuesday was accosted by two men. One brandished a knife and demanded money. The would-be robbers fled when the man ran back into the store and called police.

Hansen says officers were interviewing witnesses in the parking lot when the suspects showed up. Though the men were wearing different clothes, witnesses identified them as the robbers.

The men, 19 and 20 years old, were jailed on charges of attempted first-degree robbery.

Really?? I've heard of returning to the scene of the crime, but this?? Using the lovely picture at the top, how do you go back to the place you JUST ROBBED and have the nerve to walk right up to your car with the cops there?? Wow. Just wow.