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Friday, April 30, 2010


I wasn't going to choose this picture at first, but then I realized how this guy looks disturbingly like my dad. Since part of this post is about my dad, I figured it will work.

So, I'm officially tired.

The birthday party prep and actual birthday celebration took me almost a full week. It was very tiring, but worth the smile on Pirate Munchkin's face. She had a blast with everything and felt very spoiled this year. I just hope she doesn't expect this much next year because that's just not gonna happen.

Right as I was starting the birthday prep, my dad called and asked me for a favor. He's a musician, and was going to be playing for a big benefit dinner/dance. He had picked up a tuxedo jacket and pants for this thing, but he wanted a really nice vest to go with it. We went to the fabric store, found some gorgeous fabric and a pattern. The pattern wasn't quite what he wanted, so I knew it would take some adjusting.

With all the birthday stuff, I wasn't able to start the vest until the day before the benefit. It took me a grand total of FIFTEEN hours to make - all in the one day! It turned out beautiful, but it was a rough day. I was not the most patient person to be around last Thursday.

But I did get a great compliment. One of his friends saw the vest and said that I'm an "extremely talented seamstress."

Then, we had some interesting updates on Surfer Pirate's health. He's had some things going on, and we were finally able to figure out what it was (thanks for your help B!). It's great to know what's going on and what they can do to treat it (don't worry, it's nothing too serious), but dealing with doctors appointments and getting medication and getting on the very long waiting list for a specialist has been pretty draining.

In between all this, Pirate Munchkin has ended up at the hospital 3 times over the last three weeks. She and Surfer Pirate were rough-housing, and she got her toe caught under a door. It bled quite a bit, but I figured it was just a cut. A few days later, I realized it was still bleeding, so I had her soak it for a while in the tub and I took a good look at it. The nail was lifted. We got her in to see her pediatrician who told us to just keep an eye on it and let it grow out on its own. Our sweet doctor lives in our neighborhood, so she was nice enough to check in a few days later. She advised me to go ahead and start clipping it back slowly - keeping it just just shorter than the end of the toe. I did. Then, the next week (same day as the big party), I got a call from the school nurse. At recess, she had run into another kid's shoe, and now her toenail was standing straight up. Doctor's Visit #2 was in the ER. After weighing out our options, the decision was made to glue the toenail down - to protect the nail bed. Sadly, the glue didn't hold very well, so I've kept it down with medical tape ever since. Then, this Wednesday, Pirate Munchkin and her friend were playing in my truck (which was a big no, no since they didn't have my approval, but I figured I would deal with the punishment once the friend had gone home). The friend's grandfather arrived, mass excitement ensued, and next thing I knew, my little girl had fallen face-first off the driver's seat of the truck onto the driveway. Off we went to the ER again. The nose, front teeth and right hand took the most force. No fingers are broken, her front 2 teeth were already loose, so now they just got a little head-start (still haven't fallen out, amazingly!), and it's still a little too soon to see if her nose is broken. We're supposed to watch it for a week until the swelling is all the way down. At that point, if it's crooked, we can either have it straightened (OW!), or just leave it since it's really just a cosmetic issue. We're also supposed to watch for 3 weeks to make sure she can breathe through it ok - continuing congestion could mean internal damage. The good news is as the swelling has gone down over the last couple days, the nose looks pretty straight. The initial congestion already seems to have stopped. So she may have gotten through this one just fine. (And without a scratch on her glasses! Wow!) But Mom is pretty darn tired of hospital waiting rooms!

All this drama means my house has pretty much looked like a tornado hit it. Laundry got pretty piled up, and I'm doing what I can to catch up. But I'm exhausted, and the weather outside is gloomy and nasty. My house feels drafty today, and I'm cold enough to start thinking one of those Snuggy things in the commercials sounds like a good idea. I must be delirious!