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Monday, January 31, 2011

Ahh, the Early 80's!

Pageboy haircuts - parted down the middle.

Cheesy outdoor background (just 2 Montana girls magically transported to a Southern Plantation)

Wagon wheel - because doesn't EVERYONE go around leaning on wagon wheels?

Matching sweaters. (Okay, I kind of like that part.)

But check out my sister's gorgeous butterfly collar! Isn't it the picture of late 70's early 80's perfection??

I have a whole collection of pictures of the two of us in matching clothes. That could become fun regular posting material...


B. said...

It's an adorable picture. It's weird for me to see Julia so young, she was always so grown up to me, being older.

MTGrace said...

This picture is probably from around the time you and I met! :)