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Monday, January 24, 2011

Don't Wanna

Surfer Pirate is sick.

Which means he's home with me all day.

I get nothing done when he's home during the day.

I need to clean my kitchen. I need to straighten the living room and dining room. I have more laundry to finish. I need to go to the butcher shop because we don't have any meat in the house. I need to pick up diapers because I don't think my Amazon order will be here before we're out. Pirate Munchkin has the snacks this week for school and I need to get tomorrow's snack done. Plus, I had planned on making cookies today.

So far today, I have done.... um.... nothing.

Well, I've fed my son and that's important.

And I wrote a little in his baby book.

But yeah. That's pretty much it. And aside from the fact that I REALLY want cookies, I don't feel like doing anything at all today.

But Surfer Pirate is taking a nap. It would be a good time to pretend that he's not here and get something accomplished.

Or not.

We'll see.