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Sunday, January 9, 2011

He's All Boy!!

You can see the mischievousness in that smile, can't you?

I'm nursing this cute little guy, and a couple days ago, I was holding him after a feeding. My shirt was open a little more than normal (I was home, who cares), and there was quite a bit of cleavage showing.

Suddenly, I felt a little hand snaking it's way across my skin, settling into my cleavage.

I looked down at him, just in time to catch him watching me out of one eye. He quickly closed it. I said "Yeah, I just caught you copping a feel." He smiled and rolled his eyes.

Just over two weeks old, and he's already a sneaky little bugger!


B. said...

He's so cute, and funny too!

Joan said...

I think he's just trying to make sure there'll be more food when he wants it.

B. said...

Maybe his hand was cold and he just wanted to warm it up.

MTGrace said...

Could be! LOL!