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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Stupid Criminals and Gators

It's another gator-related Stupid Criminal Saturday! This one comes from AOL.

Intoxicated Men Take Dead Alligator Off-roading

HOWELL, Mich. -- Authorities say three intoxicated men stole a 14-foot flattened and preserved alligator, strapped it to a pickup truck and took it off-roading.

The Livingston County Daily Press & Argus reports that 55-year-old Douglas Ward of Linden, 60-year-old Roy Griffith of Linden and 53-year-old John Sanborn of Harrison are charged with breaking and entering.

The charges stem from a June 25 theft from a barn in Hartland Township, about 40 miles northwest of Detroit. Sheriff Bob Bezotte says the alligator's owner found tire tracks near his barn and followed them to a party in Deerfield Township where the men were driving their vehicles around in the mud.

The men are due in Livingston County District Court

Did you catch that? These three middle-aged men were charged with breaking and entering. That means they had to break in somewhere to get this alligator. Did they just randomly break into a house and find it, or did they already know it was there, having seen it before? Did the gator belong to a buddy and someone had the bright idea "That gator looks bored. We should take him off-roading!" Or did they decide he needed to be freed and taken to his natural habitat? So many questions, not enough answers.


B. said...

The age of the men is the weirdest part (sadly) of that story. I would expect antics like that from, say... older teens or college-aged kids. Hopefully these guys will figure out how totally pathetic they are to be doing something like that at their age and they'll grow up a bit. But it's doubtful.

MTGrace said...

I know! I suspect that this isn't the first time they've done something insane.