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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Adventures of Brave Bonny, Part 2

We were thrilled to discover that it's only $6 more to add the football package to our cable. Last year, we got to see not quite half the Green Bay games for Surfer Pirate. I only got to see maybe 2 of my Falcons games. But this year? It's Football City around here!!

Brave Bonny has gotten caught up in the excitement of the start of football season.

She's decided she wants a career in the NFL.

She wants to be a wide receiver because she is fast and can jump. I have to disagree. I have yet to see her catch any of the flies that manage to sneak into my house. But that's her dream, what can I say?

Here we see her resting after a hard practice. (She uses the football pillow because she can cheat and sink her claws in it, but don't tell her I said so.) She's also stolen my favorite chair. She already thinks she's the star.


B. said...

She's my new favorite football player. Lol. :-)